Carla Koruniak

Carla is the latest recruit here at El Paso and has been a key member of the studio for nearly 2 years.


Carla’s first real taste for Latin dance was during the time she lived and studied in France at age 17. She developed a love for club Latino as she discovered the street scene around Paris and Nimes in the south of France. Not only does she have a passion for the Latin Dances but also for the Latin cuisine and languages, continuously studying French and Spanish.


Being a country girl from the Central Western district of NSW, Carla grew up appreciating the simple things in life but also had a drive to absorb and see as much as she could of the world. Her family heritage is both Russian and Australian which only increased her desire to discover more cultural diversity.


During her 2 years of travelling abroad, Carla visited many countries including Spain, Italy, England, Belgium (where her father was born) and Egypt, embracing every moment.


After returning to Australia, Carla studied music and worked as a music programmer and production assistant. She also learnt to develop her singing and began song writing.


Carla is currently studying a Diploma of Sport & Recreation which will enable her to further develop El Paso Dance Studio by implementing new ways to make sure both new and existing students will be continuously satisfied.


Carla’s other interests include the beach, horse riding and art. Her love for dance comes from deep within and is described by herself as the answer to healing the body mind and soul, which in turn decreases depression and increases confidence – She looks forward to meeting you.

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